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Anubhuti – The Crossing Between Traditional And Mordernity

Anubhuti, a residence designed by Envisage, takes the traditional designs, elements, textures and augments them in a modern residence for a South Indian family. The home pays homage to the occupant’s rich culture and tradition.

The designer Meena Murthy Kakkar has incorporated ancestral aspects from old homes into the new design like creating spaces that were cozy and comfortable.

Many typical elements including murals that depict  gods and goddesses are incorporated. The kitchen is also designed with many features that are important to South Indian families such as a grinding stone and even collecting rice after meals to make up for lost grains. The color scheme includes colors that are often seen in Kerala homes, such as purple, which is used on doors.

Anburuthi 1

As you enter this home, you are greeted by an explosion of ochre, with bright Athangudi tiles native to Tamil Nadu. This hallway is not cluttered with furniture, but features a shoe rack and a mural of the ancient Tamil scripture “Kandar Anubhuti”. The mural decorates the space between the hallway and the living room. 

Anburuthi 2

The living room, decorated with subtly checkered tiles and a Kolam pattern, has a white wall that lends a sense of playfulness to the space. The Kolam is a traditional design from India often found in homes during celebrations. The most striking piece in the room is an “Attukattil Jhula” made of wood with brass supports across its length.

Anburuthi 4

The home’s open-plan takes advantage of two intersecting spatial axes to create a seamless living area. This space features modern but eccentrically arranged furniture, and the dining room is distinct from the living room and spill-out zone. The dining room contains furniture inspired by the Nalukettu architectural style of Kerala, with a study zone in an informal spill-out area defined by Chettinad pillows.

Anburuthi 3

The decor in the master bedroom of Anubhuti consists of a variety of patterns and textures. The back wall, which is done in a shade of red oak, creates a sense of relaxation. A brass bedside lamp and an elegant wooden table are also present. The guest bedroom contains warm shades in its furniture and accessories.

Fact File:

Category – Residence

Location – New Delhi, India

Area – 1200 sq. ft.

Image Credit: To respective owner

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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