Another Elite Tile collection by Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics

Somany, standing by for what it is known for; Innovative and trendy designs, has come up with another intriguing tile collection Duragres Duet, crafted for every design professional or maybe the designer in the guise of a homemaker. Somany ceramics are what elegant pieces of art look like permuted to create effective masterpieces.

Somany Ceramics

It is a 600 mm X 1200 mm block of art with both matte and gloss finishes, to beautify your drawing room or bedroom. These are conceptualized specially for your verandas, lobbies and living areas with the thought to put these spaces into light. Duragres Duet by Somany will accentuate these spaces and reflect the creativity of the designer in the form of chic and elegance from your home decor.

Somany Ceramics

They align with the senses as the look and feel of the Engravo – natural stone impressions, make them the perfect choice for any dwelling. It leaves the designers with the scope of experimentation by addition and subtraction of different pieces together to curate an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Somany Ceramics

You can visit their website to check out the collection or maybe a visit to your nearest Somany dealer might help to design your place.

Image credits: To the respective owner

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