An Artistic Museum That Creates Connection: Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum

The Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum by Diogo Aguiar is a geometric and abstract space made of large yellow cubes that seeks to create visual and conceptual relationships with the work of the abstract artist and Portuguese architect.

Nadir Afonso

With a modern and innovative architecture, the new temporary museum is located in the Centro Colombo, Lisboa, Portugal. It seeks to reveal Nadir Afonso’s work to an increasingly broad audience, through an interactive and dynamic experience that appeals to all ages, but especially to young people. In addition to its role as a museum space where visitors can learn more about this famous artist, it also includes an auditorium for events and conferences.

Nadir Afonso

The open and fluid space creates a wealth of visual and conceptual connections to Portuguese architect Nadir Afonso and his work.

The ephemeral exhibition structure features a colorful textile skin that challenges the scale of the place and integrates beautifully with the large-scale artistic works on display. This permeable skin gives the museum volume without adding much weight, making it appear light and airy despite its substantial size.

Nadir Afonso

The new museum space at Centro Colombo seeks to take advantage of the verticality and scale of the shopping mall in Lisbon. The various squares, exhibition rooms are defined by geometric buildings or self-standing volumes that house the works of art, providing variations in scale, intensity, proportion and rhythm.

Nadir Afonso

Among the several “buildings” that draw this city, two invite an interior visit, providing a distinct spatial experience: the immersive multimedia room and the architecture room.

The museum space is divided into different sections. The first one is an area dedicated to life in the village: through the use of multimedia tools, visitors get a sense of how life was lived in these small communities; they are also able to explore what the streets and squares looked like.

Nadir Afonso

In another section, visitors can explore how life changes once villages turn into cities. They can learn about the many buildings that make up a city and how they are built. We can see how traffic has changed as a result of urbanization and industrialization.

Fact File:

Project name: Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum 

Architecture Office: Diogo Aguiar Studio

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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