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A Rustic Elegance House for the Masculine

Ashika, the chief designer and founder of Studio collectif, designed a house based on the concept of rustic elegance so that it could appeal to young house owners who were more masculine in taste. The design is fairly modern in that it seems to illustrate the characteristics of something minimalistic, practical and functional. The feeling of rustic charm was brought to life with the exposed brick cladding and distressed concrete walls, which gives off a charming look in the entire space. To highlight the charm even more, wooden rafters were added in the reading corner, complementing the look perfectly! A corner in the living room was reserved to create an aquarium. As the client was a biker, his beautiful helmets were displayed on a wall made of brick cladding.

The master bedroom was designed as a place to relax, rest, and read — so a luxury bed was selected for this space. The wall behind the bed is made entirely from wooden rafters paired with an acrylic sheet to keep the light within the room serene and let it filter dreamily onto the backrest.

The designer made good use of textures, materials and colors to create a space with a versatile look.The bedroom and walk-in wardrobe was divided by a black lacquered glass sliding door fixed till the ceiling height. L-shaped wardrobe with open shelves and a shoe display and each shelf highlighted with cove lighting. The wardrobe shutters were made to match the dividing panel which was painted black, and the entire look was completed with stained glass panels.

Fact Sheet:

Design Firm: Studio Collectif

Carpet area: 1,000 sq ft,

Pictures Courtesy:  Pawan Pradeep photography. 

Written by Team TDJI

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