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A Minimalist Luxe Home by RAK Interiors

RAK Interiors have designed a mesmerizing interior with minimalistic features, yet it gives a luxurious feel with its creative elements. It was designed and executed in 60 days by the Principal Designer, Thasleek V A, who specializes in intuitive interiors and luxury living. The brand’s design philosophy of paying attention to detail and designing with elegance has precisely been applied to fulfill this client’s requirements.

rak 3

The tones of nature-inspired the designer to create a feel-good home space. The neutral color palette comprising of cream, pale grey, white, and tan gives the villa a serene mood within the blues of the city life.

The affluent abode balances different shades, with organic textures, and rich fabrics used for upholstering. The double-height of the living room provided ample space for artistic innovations. The formal living area is separated from the informal living space with a concave metal partition, which by itself forms an element of art in this interior. The unique structure in wooden finish, shaped like a cluster of half-open petals magnifies the elegance of the formal living area.

rak 6

The dining area has an elegant eight seater  and a wall finished with imported natural wooden panels, leaving enough space for the mirror and the shelf. The natural finish of the wooden strips was maintained to blend well with the tones used in the dining space.

The bedroom in the ground floor was designed keeping the elders in mind. This room provides a space where they can be at peace. It comprises of twin cots which can be moved around in times of need.

The staircase is yet another noteworthy part of the villa with a stand-alone structure, made of natural wooden panels coated with black PU matt finish and supported with frosted glass to retain privacy. The ringed chandelier and the brass metal butterfly decor adds to the aesthetic look.

rak 8

The Italian marble flooring, veneer, and PU finish complement the bedroom’s muted colors. A series of fluted glass sliding doors and indirect lighting with dark grey cot adds a contrasting touch to the master bedroom. The dressing units stand tall amidst the narrow passage with the full mirrored wardrobes and perfect lighting.

rak 5

The kitchen takes a distinctive look with the use of Lacquered glass and Ambra yellow color, with a touch of matt grey to balance the bright shade and staturio gold finish counter top.

rak 4

The interiors have a lot of open space with enough natural light falling in. The wooden structure in the formal living area is repeated in the first floor balcony and this completes the theme worked out for this beautiful villa.

rak 2

Picture credits: RAK Interiors

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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