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A house of Art, Comfort, and Natural light, designed by Studio 2 + 2

The design approach was to create a home that is cozy to accommodate various daily movement patterns and to re-arrange furniture twice or thrice every year by the client. Keeping this in mind, the design team of Studio 2 + 2 designed a retirement home for the client.  

Studio 2 + 2

Each room’s color defines its temperament. The living room, which has the kitchen, a west-facing balcony & the dining adjacent to it is the life of the house. 

The house has four bedrooms, out of which one bedroom is converted as an activity room, which has a study desk for work for home concept, and an interesting PVC floor that invites the residents for a yoga stretch. The Master bedroom, the activity room, and the living room are kept in blue and teal hues. The room for the married daughter who comes seldom to relax is of a purple tone. Customized Van Gogh Art Decors in the living room wall has been placed, which enhance the décor setting of the room.   

Fact Sheet:

Firm Name: Studio 2 + 2

Design Team: Janki Vyas Singh, Arpee Mistry, Shivansh Singh, Suraj Keswani & Meera Patel

Size: 1530 sq.ft

Location: Thaltej, Ahmedabad,India

Photographer Credit: Inclined Studio

Written by Team TDJI

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