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6 New Wall Cladding Trends

Antique is the current NEW. We are all set to get back to the basics of interiors this season. And what better place to start than with wall claddings, after all they are the backbone of our home aesthetic. Majority of the past year has been spent at home, so this year is all about celebrating timeless trends that have been around us and are here to stay. Be it eclectic combinations, playful geometry or exotic patterns that bring out a character in your space. While getting it right with the aesthetics, the current trend also focuses on creating a bigger impact through more sustainable and environment friendly material options. Here are the best of wall cladding trends to keep your walls up-to-date:

The Current Black

If you find conventional boring but love sticking to the basics, then these luxury black tiles are unique and edgy. Elevate your living room with three-dimensionally textured tiles, make them your centre-piece or mix and match. These dark palettes with a touch of texture are sure to make your space look minimal, contemporary and rich.

Earthen Luxe

Resembling with the natural and mundane properties of earthy tones, these tiles speak for calmness and homely feel. As home is all we got to lean on to this year, nothing feels better than these earthy tones around the walls and floor. Natural stones are not just timeless but also sustainable in many ways. If you are fond of earthy textures and muted colours, sandstone and natural stone tiles are all you are looking for. They have an effortless vibe and have a perfect balance of riches and simplicity!

Gemstone Shine

A refreshing palette of glinting metals and semi precious stones infused in marble. Marble inlay is a new definition of Minimal luxury! Adding a chic and elegant touch to your living area or room, these are eye-catching and glamorous. They complete the whole Urbane vibe with a touch of luxury and drama. We absolutely love them, and they are basically everyone’s current favorite. Adding richness to the interior, they are best to be used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Geometry Affair

No matter what, geometric styles are always in trend. They are basically all you need to uplift your interiors from boring to sassy. Elaborating basic shapes like circle, triangle, hexagone, diamonds, always add some extra element to the space giving it an ultra modern vibe yet a hint of classic aesthetics. It is a trend that stays stunning and lively all year round.

Hexagon is our current favorite, it builds up the character of the whole living space making it bold yet elegant. The seemingly simple six-sided shape is known to be the most balanced and powerful shape. It is an inevitable part of our lives and nature, present through numerous elements whether it be a beehive, nut-bolts or carbon atoms. Hence, even if you want to play safe, these hexagons will never disappoint you!

Oh so Pastel!

A major summer inspiration and a cool new trend pick for this year is Pastels! They are not just soft and delicate but also soothing with elegance all over. Keeping aside the bold and brighter tones you can add some impact to the beauty of your living area. Just one wall of pastel tiles makes the whole area brighter and lighter. A great way to calm yourself after an exhausting day.


Everything perfect isn’t perfect after all!  Imbibe a feeling of nature in interior surfaces and

explore the beauty in imperfections with stones that have a rugged, rough texture like travertine. The stone is versatile and durable, can be used in both interiors as well as exteriors adding a unique exotic appeal to a space.

Written by Nikhil Tiwari

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