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6 Amazing Benefits of Using Bio-Enzyme Cleaners

6 Amazing Benefits of Using Bio-Enzyme Cleaners
Image Courtesy : Pexels

With the advancement in technology and the tools to innovate better has widened our doors to some wonderful achievements. Many innovations came from the use of fermentation of citrus fruits as a solution to kill the germs. This solution was responsible for creating an array of good micro- particles which would create bacteria that produced enzymes to digest the stains and marks on various surfaces. The bacterias tend to attack the stains and break it into smaller molecules then it is later converted to water and carbon dioxide 

In 1833, diastase (a mixture of amylases) was the first enzyme to be discovered, quickly followed by other hydrolytic enzymes such as pepsin and invertase,but the term enzyme was only coined in 1877 by Wilhelm Kühne. The concept of catalysts, chemicals facilitating a reaction without undergoing any change themselves, was introduced in 1836 by Berzelius who quickly hypothesised that enzymes were such catalysts. Finally, in 1897, Eduard Büchner showed that a dead yeast extract could carry out the same fermentation reaction as living yeast, thus dealing the final blow to vitalism, which had already been on the decline. 

Benefits of Bio Enzyme

  1. Enzyme-producing microbes consume soiling and convert it into low and harmless levels of carbon dioxide and water.
  2. The microbes in bio-enzymatic cleaners are able to reach very small cracks and crevices on surfaces, which means they can eliminate soiling and malodours that traditional chemicals often cannot.
  3. The good, non-pathogenic microbes help to eliminate the bad, pathogenic, disease causing microbes that are harmful to humans.
  4. Compared to other chemical cleaning products, bio-enzymatic cleaners are safer for users and for the environment.
  5. Bio-enzymatic cleaners continue to do their job long after being applied to the surface. The microbes and enzymes keep on working until all soiling and malodours are fully removed, improving productivity, saving time and labour costs.
  6. Availability of bio-enzymatic cleaners means there is no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals anymore.
6 Amazing Benefits of Using Bio-Enzyme Cleaners
Image Courtesy : KFM India

Bio enzyme cleaners comprise different types of enzymes which actively helps to fight back with stubborn stains in a sustainable manner:

  • Lipases: Break down fat and grease.
  • Proteases: Effective in breaking down protein based molecules like blood and food.
  • Amylases: Break down all the starch molecules.
  • Cellulases: Soften the fabric and restore colour to its fibres.

Bio-enzymatic cleaners can work well for many cleaning applications in your facility.

Written by Drashti Patel

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