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5 Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor

We all are familiar with the term interior decoration and somewhere are interior designers in our heads decorating our own spaces but when it comes to outdoor decor it often gets neglected as the thought of what can hardly be used to enhance the outdoor design other than basic furniture surfaces. 

To change that perception and help you with the outdoor decor here are some elements that can instill a wow factor in your outdoors.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 1

1 Outdoor Bench

Chairs and Sofas are the furniture elements found in everyone’s space, so how to make your outdoors better than that neighbor of yours! Outdoor benches are a piece of outdoor furniture that can be added to any furniture setting be it a dining table or a sofa set, it becomes a part of the whole. The cushioned seating provides a comfortable experience and different color and material availability makes it a perfect fit with any outdoor decor. The people with swimming pools or lounging areas can have these as add-ons on their list with the recliners. Suits perfectly well for your next pool party!

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 2

2 Outdoor Consoles

Are you one of those who enjoy your evening tea in your backyard or front lawn, then outdoor consoles are just an upgrade for you from the old-school coffee tables. The sleek design puts a contemporary effect on the outdoor decor and showcases an elite outdoor furniture look. The consoles are usually made of frames with slats on top which makes it light and durable option to pick for that next round of gossip over tea with your friends. And if you have already bought your furniture and are willing to add a console, go for it, as there are a lot of textures and colors available for the top slat to match your outdoor decor.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 3

3 Outdoor Carpets

As impactful as the outdoor furniture and decor elements make space, so makes a carpet. You got it right, carpets are not only meant for indoor spaces but also for outdoors. Incorporating a carpet into a design binds the whole setting and makes the place look presentable and attractive. The variety in color, sizes, and textures gives innumerable options to choose from. And, do not worry about removing it in rainy weather as carpets made from a material called polyolefin or its other variants, are available in the market that provides a waterproof and permeable finish. 

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 4

4 Ottomans

Ottomans are upholstered pieces of furniture used for seating with no arms and back. These are available in different shapes, from round to square to hexagonal, and in different materials as well, you can find the best fit that matches your outdoor decor. It can be used for extra seating with a sofa-set or to design a separate seating space in your backyard with ottoman stools and a low-height table or can be used as a footrest with the couch. Mobile units that are easy to carry and can be utilized as a stool or table wherever necessary.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 5
Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 6

5 Other Small Decor Elements

Large metallic flame oil candles are a perfect element to include on your decorating list as these are the more beautiful and elite replacements to outdoor lighting with a small amount of energy savage as well.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 7

Another quirky add-on to your outdoor decor would be polyolefin baskets and bowls that can be used as over-the-table elements or floor elements to store books, newspapers, or any decorative piece like colored stones used as table decor.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 8

Ceramic vases or stools can be another addition to your collection. The sleek white vases add a differentiating factor to a space that makes the outdoor decor stand out from the rest, and the stools can be used as a seating add-on or as a low-height table with your outdoor seating furniture.

Artsy Additions to glamorize the Outdoor Decor 9

Image Credits: B&B Italia

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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