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45 Trendy Bathroom Designs for Your Home

Bathroom Designs can be challenging, but with these bathroom tile ideas, you can create a functional and stylish space. With a wide range of shapes, colors, and materials, you can create a spa-like atmosphere, a glamorous space, or a moody retreat.

Explore beyond white subway tile, floor-to-ceiling marble, or bold colors and celestial patterns. Tile is easy to clean, and sanitize, and offers limitless style options. These 45-bathroom Designs are perfect for any home, whether you are planning a renovation or a refresh.

1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, which is defined by organic forms and colors found in nature (consider greens and earthy tones), aims to improve connectedness with the outside.

Bathroom Designs
Biophilic Design ©Pinterest

2. Raised-Pattern Wood Looks

Fluted and raised wood-look tiles are another hot design trend this year. Raised surface patterns give texture and movement with distinctive patterns that may be implemented in a variety of ways to create different designs. These tiles seamlessly blend sophisticated design and natural features.

Raised-Pattern Wood Looks
Raised-Pattern Wood Looks ©Pinterest

3. Pebble Floor Tile

Pebble tile may provide a pleasant spa-like experience. This textured tile will give a gentle massage to your feet to soothe you while taking a shower and, as an added benefit, will generate traction to keep you from slipping.

Pebble Floor Tile
Pebble Floor Tile ©Pinterest

4. Large-format tiles

Larger tiles require fewer grout lines, giving the bathroom a more coherent and spacious appearance. These huge tiles (some as large as 48 by 48 in.) are available in a range of popular designs, including several marble and natural stone finishes.

Large-format tiles
Large-format tiles ©Pinterest

5. Curved Tile

Make wavy edges using scalloped, popsicle, or rounded tiles. generates an impression of movement that is both intriguing and relaxing. The curves give these tiles a gentler appearance, reducing the tile’s customary harsh edge.

Curved Tile
Curved Tile ©Pinterest

6. Sophisticated Whimsy

Mixing colors and patterns demonstrates your ability to be both sophisticated and enjoyable. The bespoke polka dot design in marble hexagon tile adds a whimsical touch to this otherwise prim and proper bathroom. For a modest touch, create a fanciful moment in the shower niche or backsplash. Try a distinctive mosaic or patterned tile that would overpower the entire space.

Sophisticated Whimsy
Sophisticated Whimsy ©Pinterest

7. Travertine

Travertine, a kind of limestone developed by mineral streams, is currently gaining popularity in architecture. This natural stone comes in a variety of hues, including warm brown and silvery gray. Each tile, like any natural stone, is distinctive, adding uniqueness to your bathroom.

Travertine ©Pinterest

8. Stylish Symmetry

If you’re looking to keep anything in its proper position, then you might enjoy the current trend of tidy, stacked tiles. Vertically stacked subway tiles and perfectly matched mosaics, such as KitKat White, will provide a sense of order in your bathroom, even if you live with individuals who tend to drop towels on the floor.

Stylish Symmetry
Stylish Symmetry ©Pinterest

9. Highly Detailed Patterns

Tiles with exquisitely intricate patterns, such as the Saltus tile with its black and white trees and several of our floral-patterned tiles, resemble wallpaper but require less maintenance. Use tile for an accent wall or backsplash.

Highly Detailed Patterns
Highly Detailed Patterns ©Pinterest

10. Black and White Patterns

Bold black-and-white designs are both timeless and entertaining. Create an intricate design or use a floral-patterned hex to provide some variety. By keeping the tile color palette basic, you may quickly switch out colored accessories based on your mood or the season.

Black and White Patterns
Black and White Patterns ©Pinterest

11. Cool Blues

From dazzling sky to somber navy, blue is a lovely and adaptable color that is enjoying a time in the interior design spotlight. This stunning loft bathroom has handmade-look Marrakesh blue tile.

Cool Blues
Cool Blues ©Pinterest

12. Layering Trim

Layering a trim border around a mosaic may transform your bathroom into a work of art. This method is ideal for accenting a shower wall. Many stone collections incorporate mosaics and trim pieces to provide a well-designed, coherent look in your bathroom.

Layering Trim
Layering Trim ©Pinterest

13. Coastal-inspired patterns

Infuse your house with a relaxed, sun-kissed beach lifestyle. If you yearn for summer the instant the weather begins to chill, this trend is for you.

Coastal-inspired patterns
Coastal-inspired patterns ©Pinterest

14. All-Over Marble

Since marble tile is carved from natural stone, no two pieces will ever be the same, making it an essential component for a unique design. Try adopting a single marble collection to get a high-end, hotel vibe. Our marble selections feature a wide range of sizes, styles, and trim pieces, allowing you to immerse your bathroom in marble.

All-Over Marble
All-Over Marble ©Pinterest

15. Geometric Floral Patterns

The latest take on the traditional delicate flower design is bold and striking. Geometric flowers are the ideal combination of beauty and playfulness. If you appreciate the notion of bringing nature within but want something more graphic and groomed, this is the style for you.

Geometric Floral Patterns
Geometric Floral Patterns ©Pinterest

16. Wood-Look Floor Tile

When you like the beauty of hardwood floors but are concerned about the mold and germs that might grow in a bathroom, they’re fortunate. There is a vast range of ceramic, porcelain, and luxury vinyl tile wood finishes that can endure bathroom wetness. Advances in printing have resulted in such elaborate and exact features that it’s difficult to distinguish between tiling and genuine wood.

Wood-Look Floor Tile
Wood-Look Floor Tile ©Pinterest

17. Jewel Tones

Bright, glossy greens and blues create gleaming bathrooms. Jewel tones provide strong richness, while glossy, shiny surfaces enhance brightness. As a trend, a collection of blue and green tiles will help you discover the ideal glossy tone for you!

Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones ©Pinterest

18. Colorful Pencil Trim

Pencil trim comes in several colors and materials, allowing you to create a unique appearance that fits your style.

Colorful Pencil Trim
Colorful Pencil Trim ©Pinterest

19. Quiet Luxury

If you want to feel pampered without being overly ostentatious, you might enjoy this modest yet opulent style. Quiet Luxury is characterized by subdued tones and excellent materials, such as stunning handmade-look tile and marble tile with delicate veining. Calming neutrals offer a calm refuge that provides a getaway from the stresses of daily life–now that’s luxury!

Quiet Luxury
Quiet Luxury ©Pinterest

20. 3D Tile Bathroom Designs

Beautifully textured 3D tiles will give your bathroom an artistic vibe, with beautiful movement and charm. Raised floral designs will give your wall a natural sense, whilst fluted patterns may be put together in a variety of ways to create a unique design. 3D, or sculptural, tiles are ideal for a statement or half-wall where they may stand out without being overbearing.

3D Tile Bathroom design
3D Tile Bathroom design ©Pinterest

21. Art-Deco Inspired Mosaics

The arches, curves, and metallics we associate with the 1920s are making a comeback in 2020 mosaics. Simple, repeating geometric patterns evoke the Art Deco movement’s machine-like precision, yet the combination of white and grey-veined marble softens the design.

Art-Deco Inspired Mosaics
Art-Deco Inspired Mosaics ©Pinterest

22. White Marble

White marble and marble-look tile remain timeless classics. Bold, rich veining, particularly multicolored veining. Some marble-look tiles employ vein colors that are not present in nature, like green or gold, to produce a dramatic and distinct appearance that may be combined with solid-colored tiles or paint.

White Marble
White Marble ©Pinterest

23. Statement Walls

Confining a tile to one wall, or even a section of a wall, may create a more powerful and creative statement than overlaying the whole surface. Patterned and mosaic tiles, in particular, make excellent statement pieces, such as this striking black, white, and grey floral patterned wall.

Statement Walls
Statement Walls ©Pinterest

24. Unique Subway Patterns

Brick-lay subway is a classic, but there are several other techniques to install subway tile to create a distinctive pattern. A vertical or horizontal stack, herringbone, or horizontal and vertical stack mosaic can offer visual appeal and originality to your bathroom.

Unique Subway Patterns
Unique Subway Patterns ©Pinterest

25. Metallic Patterns

A raised-pattern metallic creates an amazing combination of pattern, gloss, and texture on your walls. If you enjoy the trend but prefer a more modest look, a simple metallic trim or metallic textured waterjet mosaic tile is an excellent option to add a hint of sparkle.

Metallic Patterns ©Pinterest

26. Customized Patterns

Struggling to identify the right pattern for your space? Go ahead, make your own! The beauty of tile is that you can easily mix and match tiles and styles to create your vision. Penny rounds and hexagons are ideal for making distinctive designs since they are available in a wide range of colors and consistent sizes that may be combined.

Customized Patterns
Customized Patterns ©Pinterest

27. Ultra-luxe marble Looks

Bold, dramatic veining, such as the gold and brown tile used in the bathroom, generates wonderful movement and a luxurious impression. This porcelain big-format tile has over fifty faces, allowing you to tile a huge region without repeating—and without breaking the budget.

Ultra-luxe marble Looks
Ultra-luxe marble Looks ©Pinterest

28. Picket-Shaped Tile

This elongated hex tile, a modern take on the subway, is making a name for itself in interior design. This form is both beautiful and adaptable, making it suitable for almost any design style.

Picket-Shaped Tile
Picket-Shaped Tile ©Pinterest

29. Checkerboards Bathroom design

Checkerboards are a timeless and elegant design element. Though black and white are traditional, any colored square tile, including a solid coupled with a patterned tile, can be utilized to accomplish this design.

Checkerboards Bathroom design
Checkerboards ©Pinterest

30. Interesting Neutral

Beige and grey are here to stay, but choosing a neutral color scheme does not have to limit your creativity. Patterned tiles and mosaics in tan, cream, and gray will add interest to your bathroom without overpowering it with color.

Interesting Neutral
Interesting Neutral ©Pinterest

31. Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaics add a sense of elegance and richness. Mosaics require more grout lines, making them slip-resistant—ideal for a shower floor. A complex mosaic makes a great statement piece for a shower niche or backsplash, and it may be combined with a gorgeous marble-look tile for extra elegance.

Marble Mosaics
Marble Mosaics ©Pinterest

32. Zellige

Handmade tiles have a unique charm that cannot be replicated. Zellige tiles, created in Morocco, have expanded over the previous year to accommodate additional forms, sizes, and colors. Each of these tiles is handmade, with differences in color and shape.

Zellige ©Pinterest

33. Monochrome

Monochrome always looks cool, as does this blush-pink bathroom tile.

Monochrome ©Pinterest

34. Wainscoting

You should safeguard your drywall from excessive water exposure in splash-prone areas such as the sink and bathtub. Choose a half- or 3/4-height tile installation. This adds depth with a little shelf for vanity items.


35. Embrace the Varied Textures

The beauty of natural stone, or zellige, stems from the unique textures of each tile. When arranged in a basic grid pattern, the textures serve to bounce light throughout the area and provide depth.

Embrace the Varied Textures
Embrace the Varied Textures ©LAUREN MILLER

36. Warm colors and tones

Brown ochre is a color trend with staying power. The bathroom tile idea features a warm brown with a golden undertone.

Warm colors and tones
Warm colors and tones ©ADRIAN GAUT

37. Light and Airy

Craft an airy, fresh feel with tiles in light blue, soft gray, and off-white. The clover-like pattern adds an element of surprise and delight.

Light and Airy
Light and Airy ©ERIC PIASECKI

38. Combine Different Shapes

This bathroom’s bubblegum pink subway tiles and diamond, almost leaf-like design on the flooring are vibrant. The brass industrial-style fixtures and lights provide just the right amount of contrast, and the delicate purple paint is the perfect finishing touch.

Combine Different Shapes
Combine Different Shapes ©ERIC PIASECKI

39. High Contrast

Classic Mediterranean tiles add old-world charm and just the right amount of color to this contemporary bathroom. The hand-painted washbasins blend nicely in, and the black accents update the decor.

High Contrast
High Contrast ©Pinterest

40. Modernize the Subway Look

Small white square zellige tiles are a fresh take on the classic subway tile look. The only surface not covered in understated tiles is the ceiling, which features a crystalite skylight that makes the shower feel like it’s in the open air.

Modernize the Subway Look
Modernize the Subway Look ©KEVIN SCOTT

41. Complement the Paint Color

A concealed vanity in the bathroom is a delightful surprise. The orange mirror reflects the warmth of the draperies and wallpaper accents, and the striped, penny-tile floor matches the blue paint.

Complement the Paint Color
Complement the Paint Color ©Pinterest

42. Separate look from Ceiling

The white hexagonal ceiling tiles meet the stained wood shiplap to visually separate the shower and the sink area in this forward-thinking bathroom.

Separate look from Ceiling
Separate look from Ceiling ©LEANNE FORD INTERIORS

43. Add Movement

A statement wall made entirely of tiles offered a lot of movement and textural interest. Because the tiles have a complex design, the grayscale color palette provides a sense of serenity.

Add Movement

44. Grayscale

If you favor simple color palettes but still want some personality to shine through, the grayscale tiles provide a captivating geometric pattern without seeming visually disordered.


45. Vibrant tones

Double sinks are always a plus, especially when they’re as country-chic as these. The cheerful yellow backsplash and pendant lighting add to the overall brightness.

Vibrant tones
Vibrant tones ©HECKER GUTHRIE


1. Which color tile is best for a bathroom?

The best color tile for a bathroom depends on the desired ambiance and personal style. Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray are popular for creating a clean, timeless look. Light colors can make a small bathroom feel more spacious, while darker shades can add a touch of elegance and luxury. For a pop of color, consider cool blues or vibrant jewel tones.

2. What is the best type of tile to use in a bathroom?

The best type of tile for a bathroom typically includes ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable and water-resistant and come in a variety of styles and finishes. Natural stone tiles, such as marble and travertine, offer unique patterns and a luxurious feel. Additionally, mosaic tiles are great for adding detail and slip-resistant surfaces to shower floors.

3. Are big tiles better in a small bathroom?

Yes, big tiles can be better in a small bathroom. Larger tiles create fewer grout lines, which can make the space appear larger and more cohesive. They help in achieving a seamless look, which visually expands the room. Large-format tiles, especially in light colors, can enhance the perception of space and provide a modern, clean aesthetic.

4. How do I choose tiles for a small bathroom?

When choosing tiles for a small bathroom, consider light colors and large-format tiles to make the space feel bigger. Glossy finishes can reflect light, enhancing the sense of openness. Additionally, vertical or diagonal tile patterns can draw the eye upward or across, creating the illusion of more space. It’s also beneficial to use the same tile on the floor and walls to create a continuous look.

5. Can I use different tile types in one bathroom?

Yes, using different tile types in one bathroom can create visual interest and define different areas. For example, you can use larger tiles on the floor and smaller, more detailed tiles for accents like shower niches or backsplashes. Mixing materials, such as combining natural stone with ceramic tiles, can add texture and depth to the design. Just ensure that the colors and styles complement each other for a cohesive look.

6. What are some popular color trends for bathroom tiles in 2024?

Popular color trends for 2024 include cool blues, jewel tones like greens and blues, and earthy, warm colors such as brown ochre. These colors can be used in various tile styles and patterns to create a vibrant, stylish bathroom space.

Written by Isha Chaudhary

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